We are currently revamping  our membership options. Check back soon for  2020 plans.

Frequently asked questions

Which membership should I buy?

If you plan on playing at least 2 hours per month, purchase the Silver Membership. This will save you $10-$15 off the cost of standard peak season, peak hours. In addition you will receive unlimited play during non peak time. That's a huge value!! If you plan on playing at least 3 hours per month, purchase the Gold Membership. If you plan on playing a lot, purchase the unlimited membership.

Do your memberships require a contract?

All memberships are month to month and can be cancelled at any time. Memberships do not require a contract.

How do I cancel my membership?

Contact info@birdigolf.com with your full name and cancel in the subject line. Someone will email you back with the information needed to cancel.

Do people in my group get to play free if I'm a member?

No, but they do get to pay a reduced rate. Guests of premium members pay $15 per hour per person.

What if I'm out of Peak Hours?

You can continue to play additional peak hours at a discounted rate.

Can I transfer my membership?

No. Memberships are not transferrable.

When does my membership renew?

Your membership will renew monthly on the date of your original purchase.