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BIRDI Golf surpasses 1000 donated meals with help from community and US Foods.

We are proud to announce that BIRDI Golf, with help from over 50 families and businesses + support from our partner US Foods has surpassed 1,000 donated meals and box lunches to people of need in our Woodbury community and surrounding areas through our partnership with the Christian Community Emergency Foodshelf.

Our goal during the COVID-19 Crisis was to use our platform to help feed people in need of assistance, and the outpouring of support from our community leaders and businesses has far surpassed our expectations.

We are also so grateful for the support of our food vendor and partner US Foods who graciously stepped up and matched each Box Lunch donation from BIRDI with a Box Lunch donation from US Foods by providing us with Extra food to supply the meals.

We look forward to continuing this program throughout the COVID-19 crisis and into the future, so we are still accepting assistance requests and donating a meal with every family meal purchase.

Thanks again to everyone that has supported this initiative! We look forward to seeing you at BIRDI!

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Dec 30, 2023

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Joe McPherson
Joe McPherson
Nov 17, 2023

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