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Big Announcement: Golf Sims Open, New ProShop, Next Level Patio & Happy Hour Coming To BIRDI June 1

Tired of driving 15 minutes to Hudson to get your fix of taps, caps, cocktails, great food and your wicked slice? If you know BIRDI, you know we like to do things NEXT LEVEL, and coming June 1, we are going to be opening our new Proshop, Golf Simulators, outdoor seating for food and drinks with a NEXT LEVEL Patio and Happy Hour.

This week we will be unveiling our new all-day happy hour specials and our team is finishing up our patio. It will include:

  • Heaters for the evening

  • Misting system for hot summer days

  • Bags, Golf Beer Pong and other fun games

  • Plenty of open space for having fun while social distancing in a private location, free of gawkers and onlookers

  • And of course, our NEXT Level BIRDI Girls and staff ready to welcome you back!

Reservations for food will be required and can be booked online at our website. Food and drinks will only be served in our outdoor seating / patio area.

Also on the 1st, we will be opening our Golf Simulators and New Pro Shop with Specials on Mizuno clubs and bags, new Under Armour Gear, Balls, Hats and gifts.

Our team has been working extra hard to get our place ready to welcome guests back in a responsible fashion and we can't wait to see you! Check back frequently for updates.

Rules for Bay Rentals:

- Ready for bookings as of June 1

- Groups of up to 4 at a time (or 6 if the same family)

- No food or drinks in the bay during play (you can have them outside)

- No back to back bookings, mandatory 30 minutes between bay rentals for cleaning

- Must book by appointment online or by call-in to 651-964-5866 or Book Online Here

**Masks are not required, but are recommended**

NEXT Level Patio Coming Soon!

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