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Announcing The First Ever BIRDI Cup

BIRDI Golf and the IGL (Indoor Golf League) is launching a first of its kind Indoor Golf Tour and season long tournament called the BIRDI Cup. Similar to the PGA Tour and FedEx Cup, the BIRDI Cup consists of earning points by competing in tournaments during the IGL Regular Season, Majors, Playoffs and Championship.

Here is the Schedule of Events

13 Event Schedule - 2020 IGL Season
13 Event Schedule - 2020 IGL Season

The BIRDI Cup will follow a point system similar to the outdoor tour and will be hosting events throughout the season, posting them online at and

Season Long Sponsors include Mizuno, The Public Country Club and

The initial event tournament is being held January 11-17th. Each tournament starts on a Saturday and lasts until the following Friday. Players can register for each tournament at or

To register and play, all competitors need to have a GolfZon account, which players can signup for free at

Once registered, to play the event, a players must login to a GolfZon Vision Simulator at a participating Tournament location and select "Live Festival" from the Game Selection dashboard.

GolfZon Live Festival Tournament Mode
GolfZon Live Festival Tournament Mode

Once you have selected the Play Mode, Search and select the tournament for your location

Search and select your tournament
Search and select your tournament

Each Tournament will have a predetermined set of rules. Men and women can play from preselected Tees with difficulty settings based on the course and tournament. All players will have the same settings and thus will be playing on a level playing field.

The Point System

For consistency with the outdoor game, The BIRDI Cup point system is similar to the FedEx cup point system and awards points to all competitors in a given tournament. Each week, after the tournament is completed, the season long points leaderboard will be updated on both and

To View More Information About The Point System and see a live leaderboard visit:

Each week, tournament players will be able to play anytime during the week. Prizes and winnings will be awarded weekly with the Tournament Championship Purse being awarded at the end of the year at the BIRDI Cup Championship May 9 - 15.


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