Everyday golf & food savings + exclusive rewards
BIRDI Black Card

Program Details

$240 / Year

6 Hours Of Anytime Play Included

($300 value)

Everyday Discounts

Free Club Rentals

10% Off Food

10% Off Lessons & Events

10% Off Peak Hours

50% Off Non Peak Hours

(Monday - Friday 9am - 3pm)

Loyalty Program

Play 10 Hours Get 1 Free

Frequently asked questions

Is my membership paid monthly or yearly?

Memberships are paid one time annually.

When can I use anytime hours?

Anytime hours can be used during peak or non peak times. The hourly rate applies to the bay rental for the time played for members and guests.

Do my friends and family play at a discounted rate?

Your hourly rate will be discounted for the full bay, however, only card members are eligible for the discounts on food.

How does the loyalty program work?

Each time you play, our system tracks the number of hours played. You will earn 1 free hour for every 10 played.

If I bring a group do I still get discounts on my hours?

Your BIRDI discount is eligible for the hourly discount, but only card carrying members get a discount on Food.

What are Peak and Non Peak Hours?

Peak hours are Monday through Friday from 4pm to close and all weekend. Non peak hours are Monday - Friday from 9am to 3pm